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History has recorded that Indonesia was born as one of the largest maritime countries in the World. We are the largest archipelagic nation in the world, with a coastline stretching over 95,000 km and around more than 17,000 islands. No wonder if the potential of fishery products in Indonesia is very abundant. But on the other hand the maritime sector in Indonesia is also facing considerable threat for example; destructive fishing; illegal trading of endangered species; mangrove deforestation; coral bleaching due to the impact of global warming and others. It gets even worse because the lack of knowledge and awareness from local coastal communities about the importance of conserving the marine ecosystems.


Segara Muda has specific interests in Marine Conservation, Environment, Coastal Community Development, Ecotourism and Marine Appropriate Technology. Has been running from one year ago this Foundation focuses on the procurement of assistance programs to coastal environmental conservation activities for fishing communities and providing any strategic plan of marine ecotourism establishment in their respective coastal areas. These activities have so far focused on four regencies in the southern coast of East Java Province, Indonesia; namely Southern Malang, Blitar, Trenggalek and Pacitan.


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